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Red Ranger Bust By Pop Culture Shock Collectibles
PCS Collectibles pays tribute to the first noble Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott, in our next Life-Size Bust.
"This was a really fun piece to work on. I have my own history with the Power Rangers, but a lot of the artists in our shop grew up on this series and have so much love for these characters" says PCS President and Art Director Jerry Macaluso "We've tried to share little updates on the progress of this incredible piece on our social media and we're very excited to finally be able to unveil it in it's entirety!"
Faithful recreation of the Season 1 Red Ranger helmet and a fabric costume that offers a distinct textural contrast, which gives the whole piece an incredible authenticity found in few collectibles today.
The Red Ranger Life-Size Bust stands an impressive 24" tall and includes a signed certificate of authenticity.
BustPower RangersPop Culture Shock Collectibles1:1
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The Flash Statue By Prime 1 Studio
"Life is locomotion... if you're not moving, you're not living. But there comes a time when you've got to stop running away from things... and you've got to start running towards something, you've got to forge ahead. Keep moving. Even if your path isn't lit... trust that you'll find your way"

Developed and manufactured in partnership with Prime 1 Studio, we are proud to present The Flash from Justice League New 52.

Bartholomew Henry Allen, also known as Barry Allen, is the fastest man alive. Using his super-speed powers, he taps into the Speed Force and becomes a costumed crime-fighter. Flash is a founding member of the Justice League.

DC Comics fans, don't miss your chance to add Flash to your Justice League: New 52 collection!

DC Comics
Sideshow Collectibles

The Flash Statue features:

Stands approximately 21 inches tall
One (1) Regular portrait
StatueDC ComicsPrime 1 Studio1:4
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Alien Warrior Statue By Sideshow Collectibles
Capturing this iconic movie creature in all of its terrifying glory, Sideshow is proud to present the Alien Warrior Statue.

Based on the creature's famous appearance in Aliens, this fearsome member of the xenomorph species stalks along a stylized base representing the Alien environment from the film. Standing over 17" tall, the Alien Warrior prepares to menace unwitting colonists who dare to land in its territory.

The Alien Warrior is faithfully rendered with H.R. Giger's visionary bio-industrial aesthetic, with an incredibly detailed exoskeleton and sinewy, segmented limbs. Its body is designed with a variety of complex textures, including its ridged headpiece made famous through its appearance in this film.

The xenomorph's iconic inner jaw can be seen emerging as a part of its frightening portrait. It takes a hunting, prowling stance as it creeps forward to attack its prey, while its barbed tail coils around the base with a ghastly elegance. You can almost hear its horrible hissing as it anticipates its next kill.

The Alien Warrior Statue has been designed to compliment the Alien Internecivus Raptus statue, and together with the Alien Egg Statue, these xenomorphs make an engaging display straight from the planet LV-426.

It's time for another bug hunt. Build your epic xenomorph swarm with the Alien Warrior Statue at the helm.

Sideshow Collectibles

David Igo (Design)
Zac Roane (Design)
Amilcar Fong (Design)
Matt Black (Sculpt)
Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
Chadwick Anderson (Mold & Cast)
Joe Dunaway (Paint)
The Sideshow Design and Development Team
StatueAliensSideshow Collectibles1:5
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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... Print By Sideshow Collectibles
Sideshow and ACME Archives are proud to present our next officially licensed, limited edition art print, In a Galaxy, Far Far Away... exclusively commissioned from renowned illustrator Adam Hughes. Best known for his gorgeous depictions of strong female characters in comics and pop culture, Hughes brings his signature style to this must-have tribute to the Star Wars universe. The Force awakens with Rey as she takes up the iconic Jedi lightsaber to face her destiny, surrounded by a subtle and long-lasting legacy of powerful women who have come before her.
Print details:

Hand numbered limited edition of 500
Certificate of Authenticity
24x18" fine art giclee print
Hand signed by the artist
Frame details:

Recycled Polystyrene Moulding (Black)
Custom mat (Gallery White and Steel Blue)
Framing grade acrylic
Wire hanger: No additional hardware required
Note: If framed option is chosen, your order will be specially framed for you. Please allow additional time to frame and ship your order.

About the Artist

Today Adam is best known as a cover artist. He pencils, inks and colors his own covers, using both traditional and digital mediums. His artwork can be seen on an amazing assortment of comic book covers as well as many places outside the comic book industry. His work can be found in magazines like Imagine FX and Playboy and on trading and sketch cards for sets like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and many others. He also published his first coffee table book in 2010, collecting his more than 20 years of artwork for DC Comics. Cover Run: The DC Comic Art of Adam Hughes debuted at number 2 on the New York Times Best Sellers list when it was released, and is currently in its third printing.

Star Wars
Art Print
ACME Archives
Adam Hughes
PrintStar Wars Episode VII: The Force AwakensSideshow CollectiblesAdam Hughes1:1
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Harley Quinn Statue By Sideshow Collectibles
That's right, puddin'! Sideshow is proud to present the Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure, based on Margot Robbie's explosive appearance in the DC film Suicide Squad.

Gotham's very own maid of mischief is stepping out (of prison) with style, and every inch of her exudes attitude. Standing 19" tall, Harley Quinn is decked out in her Suicide Squad outfit, which features a bright red and blue color scheme with her dip-dyed matching hair from the film. Her traditionally clownish makeup is replaced with vibrant eye shadow and striking red lips, keeping with her updated theme.

Harley's now-iconic "Daddy's Lil Monster" shirt and shorts are sculpted onto the figure, and she wears a matching fabric jacket and fabric tights. The printed jacket logo along with her "PUDDIN" choker remind you that her heart lies outside of the Suicide Squad, as she patiently waits to reunite with her beloved Clown Prince of Crime. A variety of detailed tattoos and dangerous accessories complete her colorful costume.

Whoever she's been hired to hit, Harley Quinn comes prepared as she menaces you with a coy, teasing smile. This girl is known to shoot from the hip, holding her gun ready to make a move with the rest of her crew. Harley has one hand resting against her goodnight bat, which is detailed with deranged scrawling wrapped around the barrel.

She's breaking out of Belle Reve to squad up with your collection! Don't miss out on your chance to own the Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure. You wouldn't want to upset Mistah J, would you?
DC Comics
Premium Format™ Figure
Sideshow Collectibles

Will Harbottle (Design & Sculpt)
Zac Roane (Design)
Jean-Paul Mavinga (Design)
Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
Chie Izuma (Paint)
Esther Skandunas (Costume Fabrication)
The Sideshow Design and Development Team
StatueSuicide SquadSideshow Collectibles1:4
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Guyver 0 Statue By Prime 1 Studio
Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Guyver 0 from Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor. The first human to be equipped with a Biobooster Armor in ancient times by the Ouranos. He rebelled against the "Creators" and attacked one of their ships. He was eventually defeated by Archanfel. The Guyver 0 Ultimate Premium Masterline Statue stands at 34" over a defeated T-Rex. Don't miss out on the chance to own Guyver 0!

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor
Prime 1 Studio

The Guyver 0 Statue features:

Size approximately 34 inches tall
One (1) pair of High-Frequency Swords extended short
One (1) pair of High-Frequency Swords
Limited quantity worldwide
StatueGuyver: The Bioboosted ArmorPrime 1 Studio1:3
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Armored Batman (Battle Damaged Version) Action Figure By Hot Toys
With the release of DC Comics' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, superhero fans around the world have witnessed the tense battle between Batman and Superman where Batman uses his skills and intelligence in order to fight the god-like Superman. Today, Sideshow and Hot Toys are excited to introduce the new sixth scale collectible figure of the Armored Batman (Battle Damaged Version) as a Toy Fair Exclusive item only available in selected markets!

Inspired by the fierce battle between the Bat of Gotham and Son of Krypton in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the collectible figure is fastidiously crafted based on Ben Affleck's image as Batman in his battle damaged armored suit, featuring a newly developed battle damage armored head sculpt with single LED light-up eye, meticulously sculpted armor with battle damaged parts, muscular body with improved articulation, a LED light-up Kryptonite spear, a grapple gun, a grenade gun, and a specially designed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice themed figure stand. Batman fans, now's the chance to bring this exclusive Armored Batman home to your collection!

DC Comics
Sixth Scale Figure
Hot Toys
Hot Toys Batman

Kojun (Head Sculpt)
JC. Hong (Head Paint)
JC. Hong (Head Paint)

The 1/6th scale Armored Batman (Battle Damaged Version) Collectible Figure specially features:

Authentic and detailed likeness of Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
One (1) battle damaged Batman armored head with LED light-up right eye (white light, battery operated)
Approximately 33 cm tall
Newly improved muscular body with 30 points of articulation
Nine (9) pieces of interchangeable armored hands including:
One (1) pair of fists
One (1) pair of relaxed hands
Four (4) gesturing right hands
One (1) left hand for holding weapons
Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

One (1) meticulously crafted metallic colored Batman armor with battle damage on chest armor, shoulder armor, left forearm armor
One (1) specially developed Batsuit
One (1) newly tailored battle damaged black cape
One (1) utility belt
One (1) pair of metallic grey boots

One (1) LED light-up Kryponite spear
One (1) grapple gun
One (1) grenade gun
Two (2) grenade gun ammos (in closed mode and opened mode)

Specially designed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice themed figure stand with Armored Batman nameplate and the movie logo
Action FigureBatman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeHot Toys1:6
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Michael Jordan (Rookie) Action Figure By Enterbay
-2 head sculpts of museum-like representation of Michael Jordan (Rookie) with authentic likeness, one regular (iconic) and one offensive head sculpt facial expression including.
-Museum-quality Michael Jordan head sculpt with authentic likeness, with "multi-
layer" paint application.
-Specially developed advance 1:6 scale body, with 30 points of articulations, accurate physical appearance, the best mobility ever.


- 9 pieces of Michael Jordan signature interchangeable hands (Including a pair with magnets inside)
- 1 / 6 scale Spalding basketball with magnet inside X 1
- Accurate Rookie Chicago Bulls official 1984 / 85 Away uniform x 1
- Necklace x 1
- White Wrist band x 1
- Black knee pad x 1
- A pair of white socks
- 2 pair of Jordan player edition sneakers (Air Jordan 1 & Air Jordan 2)
- Special developed figurine stand which can easily twist and curl with a base printed Chicago Bulls team logo X 1
- Eddie Gottlieb Trophy x 1
Action FigureEnterbay1:6
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LG35: Super Ginrai Action Figure By Takara-Tomy
Legends Super Ginrai is a redeco/extensive retool of Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime, with new parts to resemble his original toy and his appearances in the cartoon. The Ginrai Headmaster, retooled from Apex, features a cartoon accurate deco in robot mode, and a new head-mode face based on the original Ginrai toy's core robot mode. Super Ginrai transforms into a trailer truck and a command base, with both modes equipped with pegs and seats for Headmaster/Titan Master figures to interact with. He can himself interact with the Legends Godbomber toy, which attaches the back of his truck mode or combines with him to make God Ginrai. However, take note that God Ginrai can suffer some balancing issues due to the extra weight on his back and some issues on the joints.
This retooled mold was also used to make Magnus Prime.
Action FigureTransformersTakara-Tomy
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Lobot Bust By Gentle Giant
Lobot ESB Mini Bust - 2017 PGM Gift
BustStar WarsGentle Giant1:6
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Obi Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) Bust By Gentle Giant
Obi Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) Mini Bust - 2017 PGM Gift
BustStar WarsGentle Giant1:6
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FN-2199 AKA TR-8R Trooper Bust By Gentle Giant
FN-2199 AKA TR-8R Trooper Mini Bust - 2017 PGM Gift
BustStar WarsGentle Giant1:6
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Old Man Logan Bust By Gentle Giant
Old Man Logan Mini Bust - 2017 PGM Gift
BustMarvelGentle Giant1:6
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LG42: Godbomber Action Figure By Takara-Tomy
Legends Godbomber turns into an armored trailer and into a battle station that can be manned by Legends Headmasters. It can interact with Legends Super Ginrai (or his redeco Magnus Prime), being able to attach to the back of its alternate mode and splitting into pieces to form God Ginrai. The front hatch opens revealing enough space to store three Headmasters, recreating the scene from the Masterforce opening where the three Headmasters Jr. are seen inside God Ginrai's chestplate, and the cannon opens up to seat or store one Headmaster. He comes with a sword based on the one God Ginrai used in Victory to fight Deathsaurus. Godbomber's legs also use Combiner Wars-styled ports and pegs to attach them both to the main body and under Ginrai's feet. The comic included takes advantage of this by showing an "evil form" for him, using Unite Warriors Curse Armada Thrust and Trickdiamond as his legs, plus replacing his head with Legends Nightbeat. Creating this "evil form" also involves moving his wings to be horizontal, assembling the sword to be used, and removing the shoulder cannon.

Unfortunately, some examples of Godbomber suffered from loose joints and connections in his arms, cannon, and sword.
Action FigureTransformersTakara-Tomy
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Death Trooper Specialist Deluxe Version Action Figure By Hot Toys
The highly accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of the Imperial Death Trooper Specialist in Rogue One A Star Wars Story. The figure stands approximately 32.5cm tall with the finely crafted sleek black colored armor, new helmet with scope and LED light-up functions, a black pauldron and chest rig, detailed weapons including a long range blaster rifle (Special Forces DLT-19) and pistol. The Deluxe version also includes a special Stormtrooper doll accessory and a specially sculpted diorama figure base! Build up your Rogue One A Star Wars Story collection by completing your own Death Trooper squad.
Action FigureStar WarsHot Toys1:6
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XS-04: EVA-00 (Movie Version) Action Figure By Bandai
Here's the fourth entry in the SOC Spec series featuring Rei's EVA-00 with over 70 percent of its design re-imagined, as seen in the "Rebuild of Evangelion" movie series! Made of plastic and hefty die-cast metal parts, this redesigned EVA-00 is perfectly realized with incredible detail and plenty of joints for a wide range of posing possibilities. Its armor parts are removable to reveal EVA-00's inner body. Weapons and accessories include an ESV (Enchanted Shield of Virtue) shield, a pallet rifle, an entry plug, a terminal signal plug, a pair of handcuffs, and its umbilical cord.
Action FigureNeon Genesis EvangelionBandai
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Widowmaker Statue By Blizzard Collectibles
"One shot, one kill." When Widowmaker was younger, she feared spiders. But after coldly assassinating her husband, she realized the truth: at the moment of the kill, spiders are never more alive.
StatueOverwatchBlizzard CollectiblesEhren Bienert1:64
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D.Va Statue By Blizzard Collectibles
"Let's shoot for a new high score!" South Korea is under threat by a colossal omnic monstrosity. Scrambling to find suitable candidates for its armored MEKA unit, the government turned to the nation's professional gamers. Enter reigning world champion Hana Song, a.k.a., "D.Va," a fierce competitor who plays to win at all costs and has a well-earned reputation for showing no mercy to her opponents. Seeing her new mission as a game, the global icon is ready to spring to her homeland's defense at a moment's notice.
StatueOverwatchBlizzard CollectiblesDominic Qwek1:6
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